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I’ll call this my public service announcement for the week. Here goes. Before you take an assignment with any travel nursing agency there are a lot of things you need to find out first. My advice, start with the CYA stuff.  CYA means “Cover Your Rearend” for those of you just out of nursing school.

CYA with Insurance.
* Is the agency going to pay for your malpractice insurance?  In addition to malpractice insurance, many agencies will also provide life, medical and dental insurance.  But get it in writing.  You also want to find out when your coverage begins, who is covered, what is covered, whether existing conditions are covered and how much your out of pocket expenses are going to be.
* What health care providers and hospitals can I use?
*Does the coverage continue if I take a break between assignments or will I lose it?

Other questions you will want to ask are:
*What other benefits and bonuses does the agency provide?
*Is there a  401(k) program?
* What about rewards for Loyalty?
* Can I be reimbursed for continuing education or travel?
*What type of Sign-on bonus does the agency offer?
*Is there a Completion bonus for each assignment?
*Can I get a larger bonus for staying longer in one assignment of for hard-to-fill positions?
*Do I get bonuses for sending the agency referrals?
* Does the agency provide meal allowances, travel rewards or paid vacations?

All of these are issues I have dealt with at one time or another.  Make sure you know everything you can about an agency and assignment before you make the type of commitment required to be a travel nurse.  That’s my two cents anyway.

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