Travel Nursing: Always Be on Your Guard!

Posted by Travel Nurse Aim on November 16, 2011 in Aim at Work, Travel Nursing |

If not for the Hippocratic Oath, an incredible amount of self-restraint and the somewhat Schadenfreude thought that bad people will get what is coming to them someday I would have KILLED one of my patients last week.

Picture an 80 year old man in renal failure sitting quietly in a rocking chair next to his hospital bed. The night before my shift he had gotten out of bed several times by himself and fallen so it was no surprise to walk into the room and see him in wrist restraints.

Now picture an 85 pound wet-behind-the-ears nursing student who is 6 months pregnant.

About halfway through our morning rounds we went into the patient’s room. At first he seemed really agitated, but calmed down shortly after we entered. In an attempt to further calm the patient, my pregnant student nurse approached him on his right side very closely to introduce herself. As she was standing next to his chair, he calmly bent forward so that his head was between his knees seemingly trying to ignore her. She started to move closer to him and just as she did he thrust his head into her pregnant belly as hard as he could. Her knees buckled and she collapsed to the floor. I thought she was going to pass. I helped her back to her feet and took her to the Emergency Room.

As it turns out she and the baby are fine, but what a way to learn that you have to always maintain your guard against patients you have just met. If that had happened to me while I was a student nurse I would probably have ended up as an accountant.

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