Expedient Medstaff

Expedient Medstaff is a Michigan based travel nursing company.  Boasting a three minute application process, this travel nursing company tries to simplify the travel nursing process by cutting down on burdensome paperwork.  I would still suggest that you take more than three minutes to decide to become a travel nurse.  If, however, you are just testing the waters to see if you want to be a travel nurse, this may be a good quick way to find out.

Per Diem Nursing Jobs
Expedient offers per diem nursing jobs as well as standard travel nurse contract jobs.  A per diem nursing job allows you to work at your pleasure without being tied to a set schedule.  There are times I wish I worked per diem, but I fear that if I did I would always find an excuse for why I couldn’t work when the travel nursing agency called me.

Expedient is Owned and Operated by Registered Nurses
Expedient Medstaff is owned and run by Registered Nurses.  Assuming one of the owners is not Nurse Ratched, this means the owners have a good idea of what it is like to be a nurse.  I have worked for a couple of travel nursing companies that seemed to be more concerned with filling a job opening with a warm body than making sure I was going to be in the work environment I requested.

Expedient Focuses on Michigan and Midwest Region
Expedient Medstaff offers travel nursing jobs in Detroit, the State of Michigan and the Midwest Region.


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