Freedom Healthcare Staffing

Freedom Healthcare Staffing is a travel nursing company certified with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). JCAHO, known simply as “The Joint Commission,” is a nationwide non-profit organization responsible for determining accreditation for travel nursing companies and other healthcare organizations. Most states use JCAHO accreditation as a prerequisite to becoming licensed as a travel nursing company in that state.

What JCAHO Certification Means to Freedom Healthcare Employees

JCAHO certification means that Freedom Healthcare has gone through a rigorous application process where what I call “professional nitpickers” have combed through its company operations to determine whether Freedom Healthcare meets their standards. The process includes initial on-site visits by JCAHO prior to certification and then other (often unannounced) pop-in visits after certification. The idea behind JCAHO certification is to ensure that employees of Freedom Healthcare are competent in their fields and that the company is financially viable and responsive to their nurses.

Not all travel nursing companies are JCAHO certified.

What Benefits Does Freedom Healthcare Offer?

Freedom Healthcare offers:
•Private Housing (or a housing stipend)
•Paid Transportation to and from your travel nursing assignment;
•Comprehensive Benefits Package;
•Life Insurance;
•Retirement Plans;
•Direct Deposit (weekly)
•Wages at or near the top of those offered

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